3 Methods to Leverage Restaurant Coupons – NerdWallet

Next time you venture out for your meal, take along a coupon.

Here’s how to locate and employ restaurant coupons so that you can consistently eat at restaurants at a lower price.

1. Search (and order) online

Just like you browse online for traditional coupons, look for restaurant coupons, too. Coupon aggregator websites compile dine-in deals for restaurants, in addition to discounts for online takeout orders.

Coupon aggregator websites compile dine-in deals for restaurants, in addition to coupon codes for online takeout orders.

For instance, during the time of this writing, we found coupon codes for $5 off $30 or even more online to-go orders at Olive Garden and 25% off regular menu-priced orders at Papa John’s Pizza.

When you get a coupon or coupon code, read the small print to determine if this expires and whether there every other redemption needs or exclusions. For example, must you spend a specific amount? Is it necessary to put your make an online purchase for pickup?

You’re employed hard for the money

So take full advantage of it. Earn money back at a large number of restaurants and shops.

2. Download apps

Once you discover a coupon aggregator website you want, determine whether we have an associated coupon application. The Coupons application is among the most popular picks since it aggregates restaurant and retail deals in one location.

Additionally to coupon-specific apps, download the state apps of the favorite restaurants and junk food chains. Wendy’s, for example, has offered two-for-one burgers and chicken sandwich deals with the application.

3. Take someone along with you

Restaurants prefer to offer “buy one, acquire one free” promotions. If you discover one, visit eat having a friend who shares your style of food. Then, split the price of the main one item you have to pay for — which means you will be getting 50% off your area of the meal.

Even though you’re eating at restaurants, ask center whether it has any loyalty deals (for instance, obtain a free sandwich after you’ve bought 10). These may be valuable, particularly if you’re likely to frequent center regularly anyway.