Black Friday bruise: Amazon . com technical error discloses emails, customer names

Amazon’s timing couldn’t be worse, coming just in front of Black Friday. But the e-commerce titan did admit it unintentionally disclosed emails and names of some customers as a result of technical error, and sent emails to individuals customers from a good amount of caution.

Nevertheless, Amazon insists that there wasn’t any data breach of their website or personal computers. 

Inside a statement provided to USA TODAY via email, a business spokesperson stated, “We have fixed the problem and informed customers and also require been impacted.”

Such customers were advised they weren’t required to change email addresses passwords or take every other steps.

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Amazon . com didn’t reveal just the number of people might have been affected.

Though Amazon . com attempted to reassure the legions of customers who’ll descend on its sites within the holidays, the episode did trigger alarm bells with Andy Norton, director of threat intelligence in an artificial intelligence-powered network security provider named Lastline. 

“Amazon should advise (customers) to consider special care and diligence in opening their mail, and really should highlight the potential risks to be phished,” Norton stated within an emailed statement. “The fact they are stating ‘the affected parties’ (within the note delivered to by the organization to customers) shows that the information was indeed leaked to some known entity that’s been contained.”

Norton added that ahead from the holiday shopping hurry, “it is creating confusion and uneasiness, and making more questions than solutions, if this must have done the alternative.”

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