Christmas Snowman Scratch-Off Cards/Coupons

Christmas Snowman Scratch-Off Cards/Coupons

This listing includes: 10 notecards (3 ” x 5″ ) with blank speech bubble and 10 silver 1 ” by 2 inch rectangle scratch off stickers. You will find 5 unique designs as well as your package includes 2 of every. These Christmas scratch offs may be used in a lot of fun ways…. SECRET SANTA: Distribute them to visitors, colleagues, family people etc. Have everybody write their name within the speech bubble on their own card and canopy having a scratch off sticker. Gather then redistribute them ensuring nobody receives their very own. Everybody will scratch from the sticker to show who to purchase for….or…. CHRISTMAS LOTTERY/DIRTY SANTA: Write lower a present in every bubble and canopy with silver scratch off sticker. Visitors, colleagues, family people, etc. then draw a card and scratch from the sticker to show the present they’ve won. Visitors might be permitted to trade or steal for the way you need to take part in the game! ….or…. CHRISTMAS Credit Card: Write your personal message within the blank speech bubble, cover having a sticker and provide to a person special. The receiver then scratches from the sticker to show your message…..or…… CHRISTMAS COUPONS: Write presents for example “Great for one movie night” or “Great for eventually of getting away from chores” within the speech bubble. Cover using the scratch off sticker. Give those to that special someone for any gift that continues giving all year round!

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