Hello Fresh Review

An honest review of Hello Fresh (Home Meal Delivery Service)


I am not a chef. I am not even a good cook. Oh and I hate grocery shopping which is why I wanted to try a home meal delivery service.  I also like to save money so I did a lot of research before I tried out Hello Fresh.

There were a lot of options to choose from other than Hello Fresh including the famous Blue Apron, and other popular choices like Home Chef, Green Chef, Sun Basket, Plated, and the (cheapest) Dinnerly.

I chose Hello Fresh based mainly on reviews from customers from all platforms, and I haven't been disappointed.

At $8.99 per meal for a family of four x 2 meals per week totaling just over $70 I thought it was pretty expensive, but when I tried to buy the groceries myself I found out that it's right on par of what I would spend minus the time and frustration it took me to go to the grocery store.

I decided to give it a go and thought I would cancel after my 1st week which included a half price discount.

Surprisingly I found out that  I actually like to cook and best of all my daughters like to help out.

This isn't a pop in your microwave meal plan, you actually have to cut up the fresh ingredients and prepare a home made fresh meal, but it really is fun.

The reward is an awesome meal created by you that is fresh & healthy but also cost effective.

Try Hello Fresh $40 Discount.