How to Coupon at Walmart

When you shop at Walmart, you expect to save money. But with a little extra work, you can make your next trip to the discount giant even less expensive.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Consult

Walmart compiles manufacturer coupons on its website, so check there first. To narrow down your search, use the online store finder to search by ZIP code and select a location near you.

Find your preferred store, click “store details” and choose the “coupons” category to browse available offers. Select and print the ones you’re interested in so you can bring them with you to the store. The website even tallies up the total savings if you use all of the coupons you select.


Earn 2-10% cash back where you’re already spending — with the card you already carry.

2. Browse coupon websites

A simple Google search for coupons will yield more savings opportunities. For example, has a large collection of grocery coupons.

Check these sites and print coupons before you shop. If you’re ever in doubt about a particular coupon, check with your local Walmart to see which types of coupons (and how many) it will honor.

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3. Download the app

Walmart’s savings opportunities don’t end when you leave the store. Download Walmart’s mobile app for a sort of after-the-fact coupon.

Walmart’s savings opportunities don’t end when you leave the store. Download Walmart’s mobile app for a sort of after-the-fact coupon.

The app gives you the ability to pay with Walmart Pay and submit your digital receipts to Savings Catcher, a discount feature that allows you to save money after you complete a transaction.

The app will search for advertised prices from local competitors for eligible items you purchased at the store. If Walmart finds you overpaid for any of your items, you’ll get a refund via a Savings Catcher e-gift card.

Keep in mind you’ll need to register for a account and enroll in Walmart Pay on the app.

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