OneTwoThreeFour [Air] [Digital Download Coupon]

OneTwoThreeFour [EP] [Digital Download Coupon]

Double seven inch vinyl pressing of the 2012 single. It required a fairly special day to create Black Tambourine from retirement, even temporarily, and also the 20th birthday of singer Pam Berry’s Chickfactor magazine is certainly this kind of occasion. Once the band was discussing the rather complicated logistics (people scattered across two continents) for that reunion shows, the thought of maybe doing a bit of new tracks found mind. Everybody rapidly agreed that the tribute to 1 their most favorite bands will be a fun project, not to mention The Ramones leaped to the top list. After selecting which songs to operate on, this guitar rock band recorded utilizing the same methodology because they did for that bonus tracks on their own self-entitled 2010 compilation LP. The gentlemen within the band convened in Maryland to put lower the background music, the rough mixes were delivered to Berry working in london so she could add her inimitable vocals, and so the resulting tracks were delivered back to Maryland for drummer Archie Moore to combine.

Artists: Black Tambourine

Company: Slumberland Records (2012-05-15)

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