Retiree's extreme coupon skills benefit Cincinnati-area charities

Chuck Bracken’s extreme coupon skills benefit Cincinnati-area charities (WKRC)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) – Xavier University students are teaming up with an alumnus to give away thousands of dollars worth of items. However, the way the items were purchased by Chuck Bracken is the real story.

The way the items were bought takes skill, determination, and good organization skills. “My office is a mess, but this is this year’s receipts. I do most of my shopping at CVS,” said Bracken.

His extreme coupon obsession has taken over his dining room, the former bedrooms of his grown children’, the garage, and basically the whole house. But. he does it with a purpose. “Keep buying them and buying them and distribute them to the homeless,” said Bracken

For the past five years, Bracken has couponed his way to donating thousands of items to 11 Cincinnati area charities. His saving habits started as more of a joke with his wife Kathleen Bracken. “I went to the store with her once and she bought that item for more and she said you do all the shopping and I did,” said Bracken.

It’s now turned into a full-time gig, one Bracken handles with organization. Everything from top to bottom is recorded on his computer. He spends 11 hours a day cutting coupons and buying the items. Bracken says he’s working harder now in retirement than he did at his full-time job.

Bracken joked that his wife hated it. “No, I don’t. It’s for a good cause so I enjoy doing it,” said Kathleen.

When asked how much he’s spent on his mission over the years, Bracken replied, “I try not to look at that.”

Sept. 29 is another Bracken Gives Back event. He’s bringing the supplies to Xavier University and the students will take over.

Bracken says it’s incredibly rewarding. The stories he has from handing out supplies are ones he’ll never forget. With his retirement salary, he’ll probably stop in two years.

Xavier’s Community Action Day is set from 9 a.m. to 11 am. on Sept. 29.